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S3 Ep 84: Overcoming Trauma in Ministry with Author Janyne McConnaughey

The Crabby Pastor
S3 Ep 84: Overcoming Trauma in Ministry with Author Janyne McConnaughey

Join me as I sit down with Janyne McConnaughey, author of Trauma in the Pews: The Impact on Faith and Spiritual Practices. We’re about to pull back the curtains on the pervasive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly on those in ministry leadership roles. Our conversation takes a deep look into the concept of ‘internal family systems’ therapy and the importance of self-regulation as an essential tool for tranquility in tumultuous times.

Imagine trying to hold a beach ball under water – that’s what trying to control everything feels like. We delve into how childhood trauma can leave lasting scars on ministry leaders and the desperate need for emotional resilience. We also discuss the damage inflicted by misguided biblical interpretations and the importance of a stable foundation in our relationships. The insight we share makes it clear that unhealed ministry leaders can quickly become too exhausted to be of assistance to those in need.

In wrapping up, we focus on the invaluable advice from Janyne McConnaughey on cultivating self-care to build emotional resilience. Knowing when to separate oneself from harmful scenarios is essential. We stress the importance of empathy and understanding towards those dealing with adverse circumstances. Listen in for an eye-opening conversation, bursting with valuable lessons for ministry leaders and all those seeking to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

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