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113: Back from Burnout: Josh Curtiss’ story

The Crabby Pastor
113: Back from Burnout: Josh Curtiss' story

Are you the leader who’s constantly putting out fires and juggling the demands of ministry, barely pausing to catch your breath?  Join me and Josh Curtiss for an honest conversation about recognizing the tell-tale signs of burnout, the necessity of self-awareness, and the dangers of becoming that crabby pastor nobody wants to invite for coffee.

The thrill of change is undeniable, but so is its ability to drain your batteries. We’re tackling the need for balance—how to embrace change without sacrificing your well-being. As Josh and I share from our experiences, we discuss the importance of time off, the pitfalls of trying to revert to ‘business as usual’ post-pandemic, and the rejuvenating power of rest. 

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