Margie Bryce

Your leadership coach
and self-care advocate

how well are you
leading yourself?

Are you headed toward burnout, or maybe you’re wondering

if you’ve already arrived at burnout?

Discover whether your current situation is impacting YOU (and everyone around you).
It's a quick and easy way to know whether you are on the path to burnout.

Are you chronically tired and overwhelmed?

Are you serving people and feeling so drained
that you are at risk for burnout?

Does serving people feel harder than you thought it would be?

Does guilt and shame rise up within in you to even think of some of these things and...
you don’t have a safe place to vent or explore options and solutions? (Proverbs 15:22)


  • Learn how pace and load impacts your life: why the fatigue won’t go away.
  • Developing self-care into your life is easier than you think. 
  • Know what self-care is and isn’t… this may surprise you.
  • See yourself as a much-beloved child of God, worthy of time and effort. 
  • Value self-care because you place a high value on your relationships with others. 
  • Understand how the culture seeks to steal time from you and what to do about that.
  • Recognize that letting self-care slide means opening the door to burnout. 
  • Develop the tools that will support self-care in your current season of life. 

“Dr. Margie Bryce has been coaching me for more than three years. I knew I needed some coaching, but I was hesitant because I was not sure exactly how it would help. She helped me process why I felt like I was “stuck” and find ways to move forward by taking action.

Margie was great at asking, not telling, and leading me to discover new solutions to old problems. I highly
recommend you schedule a consult and your first coaching session. Give yourself the gift of action.”

Rev. JoAnn, church planter

“THIS NEW ERA will require leaders to follow the creative energies of the Holy Spirit. There needs to be a new level of commitment to radical self-care to enable leaders, regardless of denomination, to go the distance with God. This is a spiritual issue that goes beyond denomination.”

Self-Care IS NOT Selfish

Nowhere in Scripture does it say: Jesus booked like a lunatic to Bethany.
Even Jesus had a good pace and reasonable load and yet many ministry leaders buy into a lifestyle that leads to burnout. Is this what life and life in abundance looks like? (John 10:10)?
Understanding what self-care is and how valuable it is yields some terrific benefits including peace. Matthew 11:28-30
If you don’t practice self-care, what is the true cost and pressure that is put on relationships, friends, and people you are called to serve?
Self-care is a lifestyle to be lived into and you’ll learn how to knit self-care into your life in a realistic way for whatever season of life you are in.

Get a FREE Burnout Questionnaire to discover how your current situation is impacting YOU (and everyone around you).
It's a quick and easy way to know whether you are on the path to burnout.

Join the Sustainability in Ministry Movement

Discover the value of continually pursuing self-care as a critical ingredient for your life and ministry.

I will walk you through the key ingredients in self-care to provide a shift in perspective that will serve you throughout your ministry.
Together we will examine self-care as a way of BEING, as opposed to yet ANOTHER thing to add to your already-busy calendar. 
We will dive deep into how self-care is a lifestyle to be cultivated intentionally so you can avoid “crash and burn” ministry  
Through group conversation with others you will uncover ways to bring self-care into your life in a way that fits the season of your life NOW and prepares you for the next chapter in your life and ministry. 
Together we will discover how the culture works to steal TIME – the one thing we cannot make more of – so you can decide the best way to spend your limited time and energy.
"Through Margie's coaching, I am better equipped to reframe and break down larger challenges into smaller, more manageable goals. As a result, I find my approach to ministry experiencing renewed energy and focus."
Andy L.

Why Work With me ?

My unique gift mix and experience have led me to support, nurture and encourage the next generation of ministry leaders who will go beyond the bounds of their buildings to serve wholeheartedly wherever God places their feet.

B.A. Communication Arts

Master of Divinity

D.Min: Transformational Leadership: 

Ordination Elder in good standing


Do you frequently feel like you’re playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole?
You’re doing your best to keep up, and at the same time feeling like it’s not enough.
Your list of worries compound: people, finances, approaches to ministry, ministries that are not functional but need to be.
It’s exhausting.
Ministry doesn’t have to be like that.
Is it time to consider new ways of doing ministry?

Join the Sustainability in Ministry Movement

I serve ministry leaders who are tired of being tired and want to live into their calling in a renewed way.


  • 6 Intimate & Private Group Sessions to discover what can help you over the long haul and where I am your coach and cheerleader
  • 90-Minute Monthly Group Zoom Sessions in a guilt-free & judgmental-free environment
  • Recorded Sessions if you can’t attend live and for replay
  • Assignments and worksheets to take action and increase awareness and gain clarity around adding Godly self-care into your life  
  • Additional support as you journal through the eBook: Radical Self-care
  • Group size limited to 6 – 8 for for enhanced connection and collaboration


Invest in yourself for only $ 397

One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching is available to enhance life and ministry. 

Self-care is always a part of the process, however, individual coaching is tailored to your specific needs. 

Please connect with me for pricing. 


I met Margie a few months into the pandemic. They were challenging times for us all. She perceived the need for clergy to support one another in new ways and established a weekly Zoom support group and I also did some coaching with her.
She was caring and insightful and a great help. Thanks Margie!
JoAnne C.
"Margie's guidance through the pandemic was invaluable to me. We met once a week for several months and her wisdom and calm demanor have helped me thorugh some of the most difficult months of my 20 years in ministry.
The light of Christ burns brightly and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone who needs a ministry coach."
Theresa C.

Margie Bryce

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