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S3 Ep 81: Exploring Self-Care and Sustainability in Ministry

The Crabby Pastor
S3 Ep 81: Exploring Self-Care and Sustainability in Ministry

I remember when I was a full-time pastor and I preached nearly 48 times a year, juggling between sermon preparations and ministry duties. Contrast that to the church I attend now, where a teaching pastor preaches no more than 26 times annually. It's a startling difference, right? 

This episode is all about the wisdom gained from that disparity – the crucial lesson of self-care. It is not just about spiritual fortification through prayer and Bible reading, but also about stewarding our physical and emotional health. From handling physical ailments to monitoring our cholesterol levels, taking care of ourselves is not something to shy away from, and certainly not an aspect to overlook in sustaining ministry.

So, let's continue our exploration of self-care and sustainability, whether you're in ministry or simply striving for balance in life.

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