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S3 Ep80: Conversation about a survey of 1,200 Clergy on well-being

The Crabby Pastor
The Crabby Pastor
S3 Ep80: Conversation about a survey of 1,200 Clergy on well-being

Just imagine a world where clergy are equipped with the tools to maintain both their physical and spiritual health as they lead their congregations. What kind of positive impact could that have on their ministry and the lives of those they serve? We've had a thought-provoking discussion with Kelly Wittich, Director of Health and Well-Being for WestPath, who offers insights into the challenging landscape of clergy well-being. 

We tackle the elephant in the room – the declining well-being of United Methodist Church (UMC) clergy. Kelly pulls back the curtain on a recent well-being survey which reveals disturbing trends in the UMC, including rising average age of clergy and the impacts of overworking. But it's not all doom and gloom! Kelly passionately shares about the necessity of better work-life balance and reducing the 24/7 on-call mentality, highlighting the collective responsibility within the church. 

As we move into our final stretch, we dig into the vital role the UMC is playing in promoting clergy self-care. Kelly shares her wisdom on practical steps of creating personal accountability checklists, forming support groups and overcoming church environment obstacles. As we candidly discuss the profound impact of the pandemic on clergy well-being, we also touch on the urgent need for investment in clergy to reverse this worrying trajectory. This conversation is a truly eye-opening exploration of the complex landscape of clergy well-being.

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