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S3 Ep77: Why do we resist self-care: Insights from Dr. Chris Adams

The Crabby Pastor
S3 Ep77: Why do we resist self-care: Insights from Dr. Chris Adams

Ever found yourself struggling to balance your personal life with your spiritual responsibilities? Dr. Chris Adams and I delve into it in this podcast episode, probing the root cause of our resistance to self-care and the tendency to segregate spirituality. We shed light on the traps of unrealistic expectations and how they unknowingly drag us into an unhealthy lifestyle. Don't miss out as we unfold the importance of self-care in maintaining spiritual stamina and fully embracing God's plan for us.

In the final part of our conversation, we dive deeper into the essence of health for ministry leaders. We reflect on how the pursuit of spiritual growth often comes at the expense of our personhood. Tune in as we discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in leading us toward repentance without self-abuse and the impact of work-life balance on our effectiveness in serving the kingdom of God. In this exploration of sustainability and self-care in ministry, we emphasize kindness towards oneself and listening more attentively to God's guidance. 

Don't miss this insightful discussion aimed at inspiring a more sustainable approach in your ministry. Discover how self-care practices can strengthen your spiritual journey and bring you closer to God's plan for you.

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