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121: ENCORE: Part 1: From Burnout to Balance: A Guide for Ministry Leaders

The Crabby Pastor
The Crabby Pastor
121: ENCORE: Part 1: From Burnout to Balance: A Guide for Ministry Leaders

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Are you determined to steer clear of becoming the ‘Crabby Pastor,’ exhausted and irritable? If so, this episode (which is Part 1 of a two-part series) will help guide you to sustain yourself in the demanding world of ministry. 

We start with a look at 50 Ways to Support Your Pastor Across Five Dimensions of Well-Being: social, physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual—that will fortify your pastoral journey. This is a document available HERE which was produced by Wespath, an agency concerned with pastoral well-being associated with the United Methodist Church. 

As our conversation unfolds, we put a spotlight on the vital art of setting boundaries. Explore the significance of rest, rejuvenation, and self-renewal in your pastoral care routine. Discover the secrets of planning vacations effectively while ensuring seamless pastoral care coverage in your absence. Uncover the emotional fortitude needed in ministry, and harness valuable resources like coaches, counselors, and spiritual guides.

In conclusion, we emphasize the invaluable concept of renewal leaves. Tune in now to master the art of balancing pastoral responsibilities with self-care, ensuring you never succumb to becoming the ‘Crabby Pastor.’ Your rejuvenated ministry journey begins here.

For more information on the transformative Ministerial Coaching Initiative, generously supported by the Lilly Foundation and facilitated through Point Loma Nazarene’s Center for Pastoral Leadership, CLICK HERE. 

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