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Sustainability Groups

Need help creating sustainability?
Join an online group to learn and grow and get support from others.

for life and ministry

Nowhere in Scripture does it say:
Jesus booked like a lunatic to Bethany.

Then, as if challenges in 21st-century ministry were not sufficient, along comes COVID.

Many ministry leaders are overwhelmed working to spin many plates at once to keep ministry afloat. Or, they are looking for the exit ramp.

How can ministry leaders refocus and realign themselves to intentionally cultivate a sustainable lifestyle?

A Sustainability Group will help you explore what it means to be God’s surrendered person who intentionally cultivates a self-care that seeks to keep in step with the creative energies of the Holy Spirit.

About Sustainability Groups


Six month initial commitment costs $120 with flexible renewable option at the end. Fall and spring sessions. Limited group size.


What are key aspects of sustainability? A guided time of learning and ending with the creation of action steps.


ONLINE groups created to ensure participants are in varied geographical areas unless requested otherwise.


Afterwards, options will be available to continue to explore specific aspects of sustainability in greater detail.

Your life, ministry, and sanity
are critical to Kingdom purposes!